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item no.: 108229402002
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specification: 25 g #21
functions:ConcealingBrighteningSPF30 or AbovePA + + +IvoryNaturalBronzeAll Skin Type


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product name: Age 20'S SPF50+PA+++Essence Cover Pact (Pink Latte) (25g) (#21) item no.: 108229402002 brand: Age 20'S
active from: 2018-02-13 00:00:00 product size: 25 g country of origin: Korea
function: ConcealingBrighteningSPF30 or AbovePA + + +IvoryNaturalBronzeAll Skin Type category: Compact Foundation



AGE 20'S SPF50+PA+++Essence Cover Pact (Pink Latte )(#21) (12.5g x 2)
The fourth generation of the Original Line, SPF50+PA+++Essence Cover Pact, a powder case + two included powder core. It contains 68% of moisturizing cream, stronger moisturizing, not dry, can hold the makeup longer, makeup also appears more moist and bright. Soft and smooth texture, easy to open, perfectly covers the flaws. Twisted design, combined with skin care and concealer function, anti-wrinkle, brightening, sun protection- triple effect.

Product Feature:
 No blooming makeup: Can be used as concealer, also, with the function of oil control, no melting makeup.
 Suitable for dark and yellowish skin: The pink brightening powder and gem gloss factor (ruby and pearl composition) make the skin more beautiful.
 High UV protection index: SPF50 + PA +++ index, not afraid of skin aging below the sun, can resist the skin from the damage brought by sun and UV rays to skin.

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how to use

1. Tear the package, put into the powder case and open the transparent cover. 2. Using a special puff to take the right amount, spread from the inner part of the face to outer area evenly. 3. After use, please be sure to close the transparent cover and cover the case to prevent loss of essence.


 Triple Hydrolyzed Hyaluronic Acid: Moisturizing.  Nobel Prize-winning ingredient EGF: Anti-oxidation, repairing barriers, enhancing skin’s elasticity.  Snowberry, sea grapes, lemon, snow lotus, etc.: Soothing.

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